The savage betrayal of skylar neese

what happened on June 6th 2012?

on the night of july 6th, skylar neese, a normal 16 year old girl returned home from her part time job at fast food place. she came home, jumped in the shower throwing her work uniform out to be washed by her mother. she told her parents she loves them, when to her bedroom locking the door behind her. she had snuck out a lot, but this night would be very different. skylar had a bench she would hide behind a wall to get back in from her “joy rides”.  she climbed out of her bedroom window at around midnight. she was seen on a security tape, walking to a car and getting into the back seat of an unknown car, it was only a few days after, that the police began to suspect it was shelia’s car. her story was not making sense. upon rachel’s return from her catholic church camp, she repeated shelia’s story word for word. rachel was the first to step away from that story too. their story was, they parked on the side (where the cameras would not have caught them)  they drove around staying mostly on side streets, where they smoked some weed, and rachel claimed she was drunk as well, they got into a little fight and skylar demanded to be dropped off on the corner of her street as to not wake up skylar’s parents.  what really happened was one of the worst betrayals since john gotti. no body can say for sure, but something rachel or shelia had done something to provoke skylar posting on twitter about never trusting someone.

the very last thing skylar posted or shared was a tweet saying “all i can do is hope” i think she went out that night with hopes of getting her friends back. they still had not made up from a huge fight a few weeks earlier that had ruined their vacation. they fought the entire week, shelia eddy has yet to say what they had been fighting about.  

skylar was right not to trust them but a few calls from shelia and one last call from rachel they got skylar to come with them.  they hid knifes on their persons, they drove to a place they normally went to go smoke, behind some eddy family farms. on the way they very barely missed a cop who would have surely stopped them finding the knifes and saving the life of the young teen, but shelia had turned and drove a different way and from that time on the fate of skylar neese was sealed.

many people believed that rachel and shelia did hold the key to the truth about what happened to skylar. they believed the best friends were either hiding her, because she wanted to run away with some boy. almost every rumor started with some unnamed boy. dave and mary, however always believed that shelia would have been honest they had known her since she was 8 years old and because skylar had trusted rachel they did too. i think it was because of this that people in the original facebook group “team skylar<3” turned on them, following the lead of a cousin of dave’s  Jennifer Hunt-Woodall,one he had never even met in person, who was convinced that skylar was ALIVE and being hid by her parents in some far off home for unwed mothers, impregnated by her own father. making the facebook group “teamskylar<3″ had become a war ground for dave and mary, they were removed from the groups admin status, so they made their own group,” team skylar 2012.” within these groups were life lines for their supporters and real people helping them look for their missing angel, who by now (late 2012/early 2013) had been missing much longer than anyone could’ve ever imagined.the facebook wars just rubbed salt into their wounds making their daughter gone missing even worse then it already  had been.  she began a attack on dave and mary, claiming she had proof of what she was posting about. how shocked she must have been when the truth came out and she was revealed as nothing more than a distant relative trying to get attention for herself.  

the confession:

rachel had her “melt down” on december 28th of 2012. she had found out her parents wanted her to stay with her mother so she could be kept away from shelia and she freaked out. she started screaming and yelling. she even hit her mother more than once (witnesses say it took weeks for the bruises and marks to fade), broke things and shoved both parents down the stairs. all while she was on facetime with shelia. she ran upstairs, pushing her dresser in front of the door, attempting to keep her father out and began screaming about killing herself. her mother calls 9-1-1 for help with the unruly child. by the time police arrived she was sitting quietly on the couch. her parents wanted her arrested but the police urged them to sent her to the psych ward. they had her committed.

(left to right: rachel, skylar & shelia)

                         she was out by 1-3-2013, she went to her lawyers office and met with the officers and that was were she made her full confession starting with “we stabbed her”. the police were stunned. yes they though the girls had been lying but they had no idea they truth of the matter. that same day she took them to were they left skylar but due to the snow could not remember so they agreed to come back when the snow was gone. they also wanted to use rachel to see if shelia would admit to anything. they wired rachel’s home but got nothing from her.  two weeks late, the snow was mostly gone. they brought cadaver dogs and one lost a tracking device, they stopped to look for it and that is where they found skylar, it wouldn’t be until a week or two until they found her head. still shelia had not been arrested and she would not be until the blood in her truck came back testing for skylars blood. which they found in the truck of her car.

The tweets:

was skylar talking about the night of the sex tape? or did she hold different secrets?  the theory is that skylar had threatened shelia and rachel in this tweet. this may have been the thing that provoked them into the beginning stages of the murder. i must add mary and dave are certain this is not the case as skylar was an active gay- rights advocate even squaring up with her own father on the issue, to them i say, of course you knew skylar best. however, it does not have to make sense to us. in fact what would make sense to someone crazy enough to stab their best friend would not make sense to her. shelia used this irrational fear to control rachel. rachel did have reason to fear being outed, she ran in catholic circles.  

skylar was clearly feeling very left out, and she was getting sick of it.

shelia did not mind references the murder.

this is a hint at how far ahead they were planning her murder posted on 10-15-11

rachel shoaf plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and received 30 years, she will be eligible for parole in 10 years.

shelia eddy plead guilty to 1st degree murder, she received life with mercy, she will be eligible for parole in 15 years.

my thoughts:

while rachel was for the most part puddy in the hands of shelia, she made a choice. actually multiple choices. over a period of time she planed and executed a cold blooded murder. she is just as responsible for the crime as shelia eddy is. each of these girl’s families failed. shelia’s parents gave her whatever she wanted, and rachel’s family pushed her too hard. (she claims she was abused by her parents) by showing her strong and bossy women, she was easy for someone like shelia to use and control. i hope neither of these girls ever get out of jail. i think they could be a danger to people and it would be wrong to skylar for them to live any type of life outside of jail.

dave neese at the body site
shelia and skylar
skylar and rachel

shelia and skylar
rachel, skylar and shelia



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